Polishing Cloth

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Purchase your polishing cloth to keep your custom gold grillz and other fine jewelry shinning bright and looking like new.


At Benzino Jewelry & Gold Grillz we offer a high quality two-step jewelry polishing cloth. This polish cloth is used to keep your Gold and Silver jewelry nice and shinny. It helps remove unwanted material that could build up or be causing your Grillz to be dull. We do not recommend smoking or eating with your pull out Grillz but if you do so this polish cloth will definitely help bring back the shine. “This two-cloth system gently removes tarnish and dirt from your silver, gold, and platinum jewelry, by polishing with the inner cloth. Finish the buffing to a high luster with the outer cloth, bring back the sparkle to your jewelry.”  It’s recommended to keep up with your grillz weekly since they are a fashion jewelry your put inside your mouth. Cleaning your Grillz with a brush can scratch your grillz and is not recommended. You can purchase this cloth not only for your Grillz but for all other jewelry as well.

We take pride in making quality jewelry and gold grillz. It’s only right that you keep up with your gold or silver grillz and keep your teeth bright like when you first get them. Depending on the Karat of gold, 10k being the weakest, determines how much maintenance is needed. Silver & 10k require the most maintenance, 14K-18K also need to be cleaned regularly but not as much as lower karats. Gold does not tarnish but the other alloys mixed with the lower karats are what causes gold to dull but can always be restored and polished. Since 22K has the highest gold content it will not tarnish as quickly as lower Karat gold jewelry. This polish cloth works great on silver, 10K, 14K, 18K 22K, & Platinum. This polishing cloth is long lasting and works great for maintaining your Gold Grillz & Jewelry

2 reviews for Polishing Cloth

  1. Top G Tee

    Fire cloth🔥

  2. Carter S.

    Best gold teeth thanks for the cloth

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