Do It Yourself Mold Kit for Custom Gold Grillz

A Mold Kit is an impression material that is used to take a perfect imprint of your teeth. Each custom mold kit comes with everything you need – including step-by-step instructions, mouthpiece(s), and Putty.We need a good mold of your teeth to make your custom grillz. You can buy your gold teeth mold kit online today and be one step closer to having the best custom mouth grillz. A Mold of your teeth is required to manufacture a custom grill. The mold kit is good for either top 8 to 10 teeth or bottom 8 to 10 teeth. The kit comes with enough material to make one mold selected at purchase and 1 extra set of putty in case you mess up.. The only way we can precisely make gold caps is by you taking an exact impression of your teeth. You will receive the mold kit by mail with all the easy step by step instructions on how to use it. If you already have a mold and prefer to send us that mold instead of making a new one, you can do so.

Step 1

Get the ‘Play-Doh’ like molds (1 orange and 1 white) and place them in your hand.

Note: Please wash hands/wear gloves to prevent perspiration, dirt or dust to come in contact with the putties.

Step 2

Mix the two putties together at a fast pace for 30 seconds until you have a uniform color.

*NOTE: Putty gets hard within 1 minute*

Step 3

Do it Yourself Mold Kit

Next, roll the mold like a ‘sausage link’ and place the mold into the mouth piece and make sure it’s even inside the mouth piece and not overflowing the tray (the putty will overflow when you press with your teeth). If you are going to do only 6 teeth then place appropriate amount on the tray.

Step 4

Mold Kit Impression

Next open your mouth as wide as you can and put the mouthpiece in until your teeth are right in the MIDDLE OF THE MOUTHPIECE WITHOUT BEING TOO CLOSE TO THE WALLS OF THE TRAY and push straight up (FOR TOP GRILLS) or straight down (FOR BOTTOM GRILLS) Using a mirror can help. Use your fingers to FIRMLY APPLY PRESSURE to the tray for 1:30-1:45 minutes (DO NOT MOVE OR TALK). Make sure the mix covers your teeth, Gums and that your lip is completely over the tray. Your impression must have a good visible gum line (where your teeth meet your gum).

Step 5

Finished Mold

After 1:30-1:45 minutes, PULL DOWN FOR TOP SET AND PULL UP FOR BOTTOM SET. You can very lightly wiggle the tray to help remove from mouth. *Leave putty in tray*

NOTE: Unsatisfied with your first mold? You can use the extra putty in the kit, to take another impression for your grillz.

If you have any questions about making an order or buying your Mold Kit for your Custom Grillz