Place Your Order Today…Buy Custom Gold Teeth Grillz Here

Place Your Order Today…Buy Custom Gold Teeth Grillz Here

Gold teeth grillz have been a fashion accessory for hundreds of years and continue to be in style with today’s generation. Gold teeth are nowadays also called fronts or grills and these decorative covers are often made of gold, platinum, silver or other jewel-encrusted precious metals. These covers snap over one or more of their teeth.

Our custom gold teeth grillz are not permanent, they are removable, but some people who wear gold grillz on there teeth choose to leave their gold plates in most of the time. People should make sure they are not irritated by the grills and have no metal-allergic reactions.

Many people love a smile filled with gold, not only does it show style but demonstrates wealth. Completely pure gold also called 24 karats is a very delicate metal, so it’s not suitable to be used solely for dental purposes which is why 22K is the highest gold Karat used for making gold teeth. The most popular option is 14-karat gold grillz, they are both great looking and of good quality. 14K gold is a metal alloy  that contains 58.5 percent pure gold. That’s why sometimes you can see gold stamped with a mark such as .585 or 14K. When it comes to appearance, the higher the gold content, the less tarnishable the metal will be. 10K gold has a yellowish complexion as 22K gold has a golden luster, so keep that in mind when you are buying your gold grillz online.



In order to begin the process of getting your own gold teeth grillz made, you will need to decide how many teeth you want the grill to cover and if you want gold fangz. You can buy your custom grill online with us and select the number of teeth, color of gold and all other options needed to place your order. Before we can start making your custom grill we will need to get a dental mold of your teeth. You can buy a mold kit on our site or go to a dentist to get your mold taken. Taking a perfect Mold of your teeth is essential, this allows us to design the best gold grill possible.

Contact Benzino Jewelry with any questions about making an order or buying custom Gold Teeth Grillz online.

We do not perform dental procedures and are unable to make an impression of your teeth in person. You must purchase a do-it-yourself mold kit or have an impression created by a licensed dentist (according to Florida law).

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