Benzino Jewelry & Gold Grillz

Unlike a lot of our competition our Grillz actually look like teeth! We take pride in making the best quality pull out grillz. We focus on giving the deepest cuts for that permanent look. We put our attention to the surface of the teeth, grillz matching the gum line, and the quality of our gold. We don’t add any filters or effects to our pictures like other jeweler’s!

Pull Out Gold Teeth Grillz

Unlike Permanent gold teeth, Pull out grillz are becoming more popular. Gold grillz are a status symbol and luxury. Gold teeth go by many names such as Golds, Grillz, Gold Grills, Slugs, Caps, etc. With these Grillz you can put them on when you want and take them off as you please. This clip on and off jewelry is popular amongst all ages and have been around for 100’s of years.

Different Gold Karats

10K- 41.6% Gold content. This is the least expensive gold but the strongest. Very popular and great for budgets.

14K- 58.5% Gold content. Very popular. Has a medium hardness with a great shine and is durable.

18K- 75% Gold content. More expensive but excellent shine and bright luster. Does not tarnish as quickly as lower karats.

22k- Gold content 91.6%. The most pure gold jewelry can get. Greatest shine and least maintenance. Don’t be mistaken when people claim they have 24K pure gold. 24K is to soft of an alloy and must be slightly mixed with other metals to be durable as jewelry. Almost all jewelry will not be higher than 22K.

Different Colors

Yellow Gold, White Gold, Silver

Gold Teeth Maintenance & Cleaning

Just like any other jewelry it needs to be regularly cleaned. Cleaning helps keep the metal bright and shinny. If you smoke or eat (not recommended) with your grillz in this will tarnish your gold/silver. Cleaning them with a polish rag regularly will make your Grillz shine. The Higher Karat gold is less tarnish-able and less maintenance. You can order a Polish rag if you like.

Custom Gold Grill Designs

If you want fangs extended or regular please specify, if not we will make them extended. We also do open face or open window design for $5 extra per tooth. Please call us if you would like any extra work or design on your grillz. Order your custom gold grill today.

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